About Title & Escrow

Escrow Services

Whether it is residential or commercial we have a complete line of products and services for you and your clients. We offer our clients the most outstanding professionals in the industry! Our staff of experienced Escrow Officers provide technical assistance to Sellers, Buyers, Realtors, Loan Officers, and Attorneys. Our Escrow Officers provide expert handling of the simplest to the most complex real estate transactions with accuracy and within your time frame to allow for the smoothest of transactions. They act as a neutral third party to the transaction through written instructions given by the principals.

Title Services

We are Tucson’s home team with local management and underwriting to provide a full line of services and quick answers to serve your needs. Our Title Professionals possess the strongest skills in the Tucson community.

Title Products Include:

Owner’s Title Policies-Extended and Standard Coverage, ALTA Homeowner’s Policies, Lender’s Title Policies, Extended and Standard Coverage, Junior, and Limited Coverage Policies.

These products provide the buyer and lender of real estate with varying levels of protection against loss of their investment, which may arise from unexpected defects in title, or the legal expenses which may be incurred thereafter.

Status/Letter Reports

This report provides all pertinent recorded information affecting a parcel of land and the ownership thereto. No insurance is provided. Typically this report is utilized by surveyors, engineers, attorneys and government officials.

Other products primarily servicing attorneys, owners, lenders, and various governmental agencies include:

– Trustee Sale Guarantees (TSG)

– Litigation Guarantees (LTG)

– Forfeiture Guarantee Reports (FGR)

– Condemnation Reports